Please Note:Battery Randomly

1. LCD Display with Backlight
2. Six different weighing units (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn)   
3. Sleek stainless steel build for easy maintenance and reinforced platform strength
4. Fast and easy to tare and calibrate
5. It provides low battery and overload indication
6. Equipped with  high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings

1. Why is the first weighing different from the following data?
When using for the first time, please let the electric heating machine wait for 2-3 minutes before starting to weigh, and then use after moving the position. The data of the first weighing includes the weight data of the product itself. Please wait for the automatic shutdown and weigh again
2. Why are the weighing data different when placed in different positions?
Because of the high sensitivity of electronic scales, when weighing, the electronic scale must be placed on a firm and flat ground. If the ground is uneven or placed on a soft ground such as a carpet, the weighing data will be incorrect.

KA73(0.001G&50G) Product Specifications:
1. Material:: ABS+ stainless weighing pan
2. LCD Display with Orange Backlight
3. Capacity: 50g
4. Readability: 0.001g / 0.001oz / 0.0001ozt / 0.001dwt / 0.02gn / 0.005ct
5. Units: g / oz / ozt / dwt / gn / ct
6. Tare range: Tare full capacity
7. Auto off: 180 seconds off
8. Operation temp: 10-30℃
9. Power: AAA Batteries * 2pcs

KA73(0.001G&50G) Package Includes:
1*BRIFIT electronic scale
1*50g weight
2*AAA Battery(Randomly)

KA25(0.01G&200G)Product Specifications: 
Material::ABS+Silicone+Rust Scale 
Weight Capacity: 0.01-200g 
Division: 0.01g 
Units Conversion: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn 
Error Range: ±0.03g 
Product Size:  
LCD Size: 44*24.5mm 
Platform Size: 75*60mm 
Scale Size: 142*85*25mm 
Product Net Weight: 248g 
Power Supply Mode: 2*AAA Battery(Randomly) 
Color: Orange, Blue, Green, Mint Green, Red, Purple

KA25(0.01G&200G)Package Included: 
1*BRIFIT Electronic Scale 
1*50g Weight 
1* Instruction Manual 

KA12(0.01G&200G) Specifications:
1. Capacity: 200g
2. Automatic shut off Time: 60s
3. Battery: 2 X AAA
4. Calibration Function: Yes
(Calibration Weight Not Included)
5. Dimensions: 125*75*20mm
6. Material: Stainless Steel
7. Units of Measure: g / gn / oz / ozt / ct / tl / dwt
8. Readability: 0.01g / 0.1gn / 0.001oz / 0.001ozt / 0.01ct / 0.001tl / 0.01dwt

KA12(0.01G&200G) Package Included:
1 x Digital Pocket Scale
2 x AAA Batteries(Randomly)

● When using the scale, gently take off the protective flip cover first, put in an environment of windless and no vibration.
● Please do not exceed the rated weight when weighing, in case damaging the sensor. Please do not impact tray, handle with care.
● When using the scale, please ensure that no electromagnetic interference around 50cm, in case get inaccurate result.