Please Note:Battery Randomly



1. LCD Display with Orange Backlight

2. Six different weighing units (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn)   

3. Sleek stainless steel build for easy maintenance and reinforced platform strength

4. Fast and easy to tare and calibrate

5. It provides low battery and overload indication

6. Equipped with  high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings


For accurate measurements, Here are some usage considerations:

1. The scale must be placed on a very stable water platform, even small vibrations can affect the readings, sometimes 

significantly affecting the readings.

2. Do not load more than the maximum capacity on the scale.

3. Avoid shaking, dropping, or otherwise shaking the balance. This is a precision instrument that must be operated 

with extreme care.

Package Includes:

1*BRIFIT electronic scale

2*AAA battery(Randomly,because some countries can not send)

1*50g weight


1* Tray

1* Transparent protective cover

1* Instruction manual

AMIR/ Digital Mini Scale is famous with its compact and lightweight design, perfect for you to take it everywhere.
Its high accuracy makes it a pro pocket scale to measure all kind of items or objects.
The high quality LCD screen is backed by a bright blue LED backlight allowing it to be used and read easily in low light conditions.
The compact design of these scales with their small size, auto-off feature.
They also include an additional two non-connected slots in the battery compartment, allowing you to carry spare batteries with you at all times.
Easy to reading: LCD display with blue back-lit for easy viewing (light can be turned off).

1. Capacity: 0.01g-200g
2. Automatic shut off Time: 60s
3. Battery: 2 X AAA (Randomly,because some countries can not send)
4. Calibration Function: Yes
(Calibration Weight Not Included)
5. Dimensions: 125*75*20mm
6. Material: Stainless Steel
7. Units of Measure: g / gn / oz / ozt / ct / tl / dwt
8. Readability: 0.01g / 0.1gn / 0.001oz / 0.001ozt / 0.01ct / 0.001tl / 0.01dwt

Package Included:
1 x Digital Pocket Scale
2 x AAA Batteries(Battery Included)

● When using the scale, gently take off the protective flip cover first, put in an environment of windless and no vibration.
● Please do not exceed the rated weight when weighing, in case damaging the sensor. Please do not impact tray, handle with care.

● When using the scale, please ensure that no electromagnetic interference around 50cm, in case get inaccurate result.